How to Crack NEET in 6 Months?

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is one of the most difficult medical entrance exams which are conducted throughout India.

So If you are worried of How to Crack NEET in 6 Months? Then you have come at right place.

We have covered 5 most important points that arise for all students when they start preparing for the NEET exam in this article.

Change your study plan

After you've decided in your mind to pass the NEET exam in six months, you need to change your study plan. You ought to dedicate more time to your studies and research reputable coaching programs that could be able to help us. Break the syllabus up into manageable sections. This will speed up your learning process and enable you to use your time more effectively. Assign certain times for every subject, and then start studying according to these schedules.

Solve previous year’s paperwork

Any exam that's worth taking should use past exam questions. You can learn about exam patterns by studying previous year's question papers. Give the papers from previous years more thought. Improve the speed at which you practice multiple choice questions. Therefore, by default, you can finish the NEET exam in less time if you accelerate.

Make short notes

Write down a few notes on all the important topics that will let you quickly review them when needed. If you can, sketch out any shortcut points as well. If you're studying chemistry, create strict formulas and practice using them. In the days before the exam, quickly review these brief notes.

Good physical and mental health

Remember that fretting won't make anything better. Make sure your focus is solely on the study preparation process and not on the end result. Try your hand at meditation, yoga, or any other stress-relieving technique. Additionally, try to maintain a flexible test schedule.


Setting up a daily plan for your goals and regularly evaluating your progress are important.

Seek assistance from instructors, mentors, or coaching centres if you are having trouble catching any concepts or formulas. Reminding yourself of the result—achieving a high NEET rank—will help you stay focused. Reduce outside distractions when studying to get the most out of your time.

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